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chucksmith 25 years of Innovation! September, 2013

 “Sports Medicine” It sounded like a pretty interesting concept initially, but it soon evolved to, “what is that, really?” Well, it was, and is, providing assessment & rehabilitation for an athletic population. The real question became, who are the athletes in Northern Michigan? They are the obvious school athletes, but also the guys who work in the woods, the moms who downhill or cross country ski, the 50 year old snow shoer or cyclist, and the weekend backpacker and jogger. We even treated a 92 year old shot putter once who was headed to the Senior Olympics! These folks didn’t want things done FOR them, they wanted things THEY could do to get better. Soon, we found the same approach was helpful with non-athletes as well. And so it has gone, expanding that approach to total knees, sore necks & backs, muscle & bone injuries & surgeries of all kind. We even treat sore jaws!

Who we are! Physical Therapists, Physical Therapist Assistants, Occupational Therapist, Licensed Athletic Trainers, technicians, aides, front desk, and even in our billing department, we have gathered a group of compassionate and caring individuals who embrace putting our clients first, and keeping them there.

What drives us! Often imitated but never really duplicated, Sports Medicine Centers are providing cutting edge best practice with integrity and genuine quality care, day in, day out. How do we know? We ask our patients, because those patients are the driving force behind this practice. We don’t spend a lot of time measuring ourselves, we just ask our patients; how are we doing? For twenty-five years they have said: pretty darn well, thank you!

And now it is our turn, to say thank you back to all of you! So, thank you, for your support, loyalty, and trust, and for sharing with us, what you want in a Sports Medicine environment!

 Below are some of the innovations that we have provided over the past 25 years…

 Specialized Staff
Board Certified Physical Therapists in Orthopedics
Board Certified Physical Therapists in Sports
Specialists in Manual Therapy
Certified Hand Therapists
Certified Physical Therapist in Pregnancy/PostPartum
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists

Specialized Rehabilitation Programs
Lumbar Spine Rehabilitation Program
Awarded “Low Back Pain Center of Excellence” from BCBS based on our approach and outcomes for low back pain.
Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation Program
Total Joint Replacement
TMJ Dysfunction Rehabilitation Program

Specialized Rehabilitation Divisions
Worksite Medicine
    Ergonomic/Workstation Analysis
    Functional Capacity Evaluation
Women’s Health
Specialized Technology
Aquatic Therapy (All locations)
Video Motion Analysis
    Running / Golf Swing /     Throwing
Virtual Skiing Simulator
Custom Orthotics

Specialized Fitness Programming
Core Conditioning
Peak Performance
CrossFit / SkiFit /GolfFit / Boot Camp
Empower Cancer
Sport of Mothering

Specialized High School Athletic Training
NATA Certified Athletic Trainers
On-field injury management
Concussion testing and management
High School Training Room
Preventative Strength and Conditioning



20 Years of Service & Dedication to Our Communities, March 2008

It began as a dream; a dream of a state-of-the-art Sports Medicine Center in Petoskey and becoming an exemplary provider of rehabilitation services. The groundwork was laid and the rest has flowed from there. In the early going we saw athletes from Petoskey, Charlevoix, Harbor Springs, Boyne City and even from across the bridge. At one point an all-state Basketball player from Petoskey met a downhill ski champion from Charlevoix in the clinic. Oh, that encounter only lasted for one date. We weren’t great at sustaining all things!  While seeing athletes, we also provided therapy services to their parents, and grandparents and the two great-grandparents.  The residents of northern Michigan are an active bunch.

 Our Athletic Training Services have evolved as well. Initially providing AT coverage for Petoskey’s home football games, we now have 12 Athletic Trainers covering 6 high schools for football and 5 for multiple sports throughout the year. Two years ago we added Strength Training at Petoskey High School and now provide that same service to two other area schools. That same training staff provide summer conditioning programs for area athletes that the local teams remain competitive and athletes at all levels of competition can reach their potential.

Having gained a reputation as a family-place, it seemed only fitting to welcome our sons, Joel and Jeff, each Physical Therapist in their own right, to our group several years ago.

Helping our active clients get back in action remains our goal. The field of rehabilitation evolves as rapidly as the technology around us, as does athletic training services.  Even with those advancements, the most important feature of each of those processes remains the human, one on one contact. That has been and remains our number one concern; seeing that our clients are well cared for. Sorting through the issues around an acute or long term disability is our greatest concern and the focus of why we are here. So, for the next twenty, we will strive to enhance the active lifestyles of the people of northern Michigan and be that exemplary service.


Our History & Philosophy

Mission Statement

To provide high quality rehabilitative and preventive care to enhance the active lifestyles of northern Michigan.

Evolution of SMC

Doctors Loyal Jodar, Joseph Hance and Steve Vorenkamp, orthopaedists had a vision of providing state of the art Sports Medicine rehabilitation in northern Michigan. Having enlisted the expertise of nationally known consultants, they opened their facility in Petoskey in January 1988 with an Athletic Trainer and Chuck Smith as the Physical Therapist.

In July 1988, Ethel Larsen, PT and Chuck Smith began commuting to Rogers City to provide the hospital with in-patient, extended care facility and outpatient coverage. That coverage expanded to a staff of three full time PT's, up to seven days per week until that facility closed in 1993. They stayed on in Rogers City, moving across the street and opened Rogers City Physical Therapy. Our Rogers City clinic was sold to Thunderbay Therapy and they are enjoying their new facility.

In December 1990, the Community Memorial Hospital in Cheboygan had more patients requiring PT than their PT could manage so Rogers City Physical Therapy began contracting to provide PT coverage there. Over the next several years, Community Memorial Hospital's PT retired and Rogers City Physical Therapy expanded the PT staff up to three full time and one part time Physical Therapists and one Athletic Trainer.

In May, 2003, we parted ways with Community Memorial Hospital and opened Cheboygan Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, offering the first therapeutic pool in that community.

In 1998, the residents of Indian River were driving to Cheboygan, or Petoskey or Gaylord for their PT needs. Many of the Indian River clients we were seeing in Cheboygan asked that we consider a location in their town. As plans proceeded, we learned that Ron Vance, PT planned to open an office in town as well. After several conversations, we each decided to continue with our plans and opened Indian River Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine within months of each other.

In 2000, we had made it through the millennium safely and needed more space in the Petoskey clinic. At the same time, Bay Street Orthopaedics had purchased property and was planning their new building. We contacted them about renting space in their new basement and in April 2001 moved into our current location on Cedar Bluff Drive.

In the process of planning and announcing that move, our Harbor Springs clients, representing nearly 25% of our patients, asked if we might open a location in Harbor Springs, saving them the drive “all the way around the bay”. In June 2001, we opened our location in the Harbor Plaza in Harbor Springs. In 2005 we moved into larger quarters there and added a pool to that location.

In 2003, we faced a similar situation. Approximately 20% of our clients being seen in Petoskey had Charlevoix addresses. We heard a similar plea: how about a location in Charlevoix? We had provided Athletic Training Services to the Charlevoix High School since 1994 and had that connection in the community. In September 2003 we opened our 5th clinic, in the Kmart plaza, bringing a warm-water pool and our Sports Medicine approach to patient care.

In 2009, Petoskey East Clinic opened.  Wow! A second location in Petoskey.  When we moved to the Bay Street Orthopaedic building on Lake Grove Road, our patients and referring physicians commented that they would like us to have a clinic more convenient to the east side of Petoskey. It was a great location, close to our middle and high school athletes.  Having two locations in Petoskey is definitely helping us to reach all of our patients located around town.

In 2016, we opened our seventh clinic in the great town of Boyne City.  The community has welcomed us and embraced our services.  We are now reaching the communities of Boyne City, Boyne Falls, East Jordan, and Walloon Lake. 

Our growth since that time has been internally. We have strive to create uniformity in all of our clinics and to refine how we care for our patients and each other. We continue to explore those means, new program opportunities and continuing those we have offered over time. We look forward to the next 25 years of evolution ahead!

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Petoskey, Petoskey East & Boyne City

Our Petoskey clinic is located within the Bay Street Orthopedic building, 4048 Cedar Bluff Drive. 231-347-9300 [map]

Our Petoskey East clinic is located on the corner of Mitchell & Division, 345 N. Division 231-348-7950.[map]

Our Boyne City Clinic is located in the SOBO district, 210 S Lake Street 231-459-4750 map

Charlevoix & Cheboygan

Our Charlevoix clinic is located in the Kmart Plaza, at 06510 M-66, 231-547-0380 [map] 

Our Cheboygan clinic is located south of town, 9445 N Straits Hwy, 231-627-7201 [map]

Harbor Springs & Indian River

Our Harbor Springs clinic is located next the Harbor Springs airport, 8452 M-119 Harbor Plaza, 231-348-7002. [map]                                        

Our Indian River clinic is right in the heart of downtown, 3805 South Straits Hwy, 231-238-4880. [map]