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The journey with Northern Michigan Sports Medicine began in January 2014….little did we all know that it would last for seventeen months.

My physical therapist, Sandy Willoughby, was my constant source of guidance during this time of healing. She was always ready with laughter, kindness, and hope. Thank you, thank you to Sandy as I know I would not be where I am in my recovery without her.

When you walk into NMSMC you are immediately greeted with a smile and a feeling of understanding. The whole team is supportive and you know that they want only the best for their patients.

Thank you to my friends at NMSMC!

Pam Brooks

Harbors testimonial photo

My Mom and I can’t thank the staff at NMSMC enough for their car and patience as they helped both of us overcome a couple of accidents that happened in seconds. Mom fell a couple years ago by missing the last step on a staircase, breaking her leg. I fell on the ice this winter, breaking my elbow. We were both fortunate enough to be coaxed and guided through the process by Cathy Ingalls. Cathy and the rest of the team got my Mom walking again and continue to work with me, making strides greater than I ever expected. A special thanks to Jenna, whose stories get me through those harder exercises. I look forward to my therapy that is still on going.

Sue McGlaughlin, & Jeanette Scheffler


I had right hip problems and I was asked to do aquatic therapy so I agreeed.  I was at a 8 pain level and could not stand without pain.  With aqautic and physical therapy, I improved so much I walked out of therapy with a pain level of 1. Robin Moore

I am 73 years old and I have worked with several physical therapist over the years.  But Tanya is the best.  She is kind, explains and knows her job very well, has lots of energy, is very professional and never is in a hurry.  Her staff is also great.  It is nice to know we have this quility of therapy in Indian River, Sincerly Janet Wilson.

Marsha Wells I just returned from two weeks of trekking in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal and had no problems. Please let my therapist, Sara, know that I appreciated all of her assistance as well as the whole team there.

Marsha Wells




In the past year I have spent a lot of time here and have been exceptionally satisfied.  Never felt any uncertainty as to what I needed to do.  I choose this establishment because of the way you do business.  Susan Janeczek

I just wanted to send a special Thank You to Northern Mich Sports Med and especially to Patty at the Petoskey location.   She worked with me this summer to rehab my hip and I so appreciated everything she did.  We are now back to our winter home in Cincinnati and I am 100% able to participate in my previous workout regimen.   Thank you to everyone there - I had a great experience.

Christine Lynch


We'd like to thank you all for everything you did for our daughter Sydney, we truly appreciate it.  It's hard to believe in May it'll be a year since her knee surgery.   We honestly don't think she'd be doing as well as she is today without all of your help and expertise.  We didn't think she'd ski again, but she did all winter. We couldn't have asked for a better physical therapy experience for Sydney.  We will highly recommend you to everyone, and use you in the future if need be.  Jesse and Tami Hadix






core classA Love/hate relationship is what I have with the 6:00 am Core/Bootcamp class that I attend twice a week on Tues/Thurs at Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center of Charlevoix.

I LOVE what it is doing to my core and endurance and I HATE getting up and going. Setting these two thoughts aside, Kris is a motivated person, attentive instructor and committed to change while taking care of our weaknesses and building upon them.

Before I went I was having terrible migraines, they were becoming all encompassing. Without realizing it, my whole body was suffering. I began in November 2012 and since then; I have worked through weaning myself off from heavy drugs and coincidently I have finally discovered some relief to my headaches. I know that this class gave me confidence in myself to pursue the things doctors had failed to do for me, which was to get to the root of the problem.

I may miss class for occasional headaches or leaving town now and then, but besides this I will continue on to HATE getting up to go to class and leave class LOVING MYSELF. I am grateful to Kris for inviting me to her class and grateful for the Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center Facility!     Audrey Shapiro





“I’m thankful for Patty teaching me how to use my muscles in a manner that avoids putting additional stress on areas that have caused me chronic pain.”

Tammy Wylie









I showed up after a month of recovery to Northern Michigan Sports Medicine Center for a posterior hip dislocation during my senior year of football. The injury cut my season short, and things weren’t looking to well for basketball either. I was supposed to miss a minimum of the first month of basketball season. After just a few weeks at NMSMC I was making huge improvements, and thanks to the staff, I was up and running during practice and even games a month ahead of schedule. They made it possible for me to get back to basketball weeks before I had even hoped to be healed.


I would like to thank the whole staff at NMSMC for all their help, especially Jen, Hannah, and Julie, who were working with me the most on my way to recovery. Not only did they get me healed ahead of schedule, somehow they made a lot of hard work fun. Even though sometimes I didn’t want to be doing the work from soreness or pain, the staff helped me through it and some part of me always looked forward to the next visit.

            Aaron Burdick





"I have been treated at Sports Medicine a number of times over the past 20 years.  I have experienced only the very best in professional care.  All the therapist are to be commended for going the second mile in their treatment and personal concern which makes treatments a pleasure."  Donald Jones

"The quality of care I received was excellent, both at home for the first two weeks and the time at their facility.  Both Tanya and Odette are very knowledgeable and explain everything completely.  I am very satisfied with my care and would highly recommend them."  Edward Johnson.

"Great Results! Was limping bad...when I came in.  Much stronger and barely any pain upon leaving.  Feel as though I dodged a knee replacement at this time.  Everyone is great to work with!  Paula Dombroski

"Keep doing what you are doing! Great coffee! ;) The front desk staff is wonderful! Sara Riker, DPT, is very knowledgeable and personable."  Bill McMillian

 "Fantastic Results- I never really expected to get this much range of motion back.  The bonus is being virtually pain free. Thank you so much!"  Daniel Duncan

"I was a sorry mess until I did therapy.  After ten visits, I can move my neck and shoulders without pain.  Today I feel great. No aches or pain." Barbara Berrette

 "I started physical therapy with a pain level of 8 - 10 and ended pain free!  I had very little range of motion and feel I have regained all and maybe more.  I love the hands on approach to therapy.  I have been here for prior injuries and will return if needed in the future.  A great bunch to work with."  Linda Manier


"Services are professional and effective. Knowledgeable staff who know what to do."    J. Kanine


"You do an outstanding job! It is wonderful to have you in our community."   L. Kramer


"In February I was listed as an "expedited" surgery candidate by Dr. Morris.  As of September, I was no longer considered to need surgery.  I owe this remarkable improvement to Ms. Tanya Ruddy, PT, at Indian River Physical Therapy."  Gary Freismuth

"I had already had 8 weeks of ineffective PT when I first came to  Sports Med.  Now I can walk normally for an unlimited  distance with straight legs and no pain!  I can do everything that I want to do; walk, bike & swim, as well as chores and other tings around the house.  PT has been the most important part of my recovery.  Thank you."  Lori Roney

"No improvement needed.  Staff members are all wonderful.  Great attitudes - personable, continually assessing progress & willing to change therapy methods when needed."  Sharmon Dulaney

"This is the fifth time I've had therapy at Sports Medicine and I always feel at home due to the personnel who work there.  I have been impressed by their skill, knowledge, concern and friendliness.  These characteristics make therapy a pleasant experience."  Don Jones

"Wow, how can you  improve?...everything was done so well.  Happy, cheerful employees, excellent therapy, very nice atmosphere, and appropriate homework.  I rate you at A
+"  - Nels Munson

"Great!  That is why I have returned and referred friends!" - Caroline Hibbler

 "Maintain the same atmosphere of courtesy and care -excellent!" - Frank Ronan

"Maybe clone Ethel" - June Freydl

"The staff is knowledgeable and friendly.  Very helpful with a seriousness to better my health and always with a sense of humor to pass the time.  And also help lessen pain.  Thank you!" Jessica Lownsberry

"A+, everything much appreciated!  Couldn't be any better!" - Jack Souza

" Very helpful and professional" -Susan Kissinger

"Great staff, all very upbeat and helpful, services are great!" - Melanie Peabody

"Sports Medicine's pre-operation therapy program and follow up therapy program is a must for recovery.  It has put me back on my feet in record time and I feel great."  Herb Carlson, double knee replacement.

Herb thanking Jeff, his physical therapist.
I was able to run in the first show shoe race of the season.  Got 2nd in my age group in the Bigfoot Snowshoe race - only 4 seconds behind the 1st place finisher.  Aaargh!!! I'm so thankful to have been able to compete again - Thanks for your help getting me back on the road to recovery!! I'm shooting for 1st place in the next race.  Mikke Schemanski

"The quality of treatment was excellent.  A great atmosphere of worker-patient therapy area.  Pool was awesome, receptionist very nice and friendly."

"NMSMC has helped me recover quickly after tearing my ACL.They manage to work you hard and have fun at the same time."

Brad Ling

"Spread the word – quality people/quality work.""My experience was excellent!  The staff is very professional and caring.  Joel has an outstanding work ethic which translated to his patient.  Thank you for being here."
"NMSMC is always great – kind, helpful and thoughtful."
"Everyone I have worked with has been wonderful and caring."
"Suzy is wonderful at what she does.  She is doing a great job getting me back to 100%."
"I came to NMSMC with back and hip pain.  Jeff Samyn, PT, worked with me to build my core muscles, important for keeping my body mechanics working well.  Today, my p pasture has improved; I have less pain and feel stronger and more powerful." Jeff Steffel
"I think the whole crew here is fantastic & will speak positively about NMSMC."
"It's been very successful & everyone is very professional and knowledgeable."
"I love all the employees and all the challenging exercises they provide for me. I'm going to miss their 'encouraging' remarks while I'm at school."  Allison Woodside 
"This is a great facility & Ethel is wonderful. I am very hopeful to avoid surgery for a long time."
"Keep up the exceptional service and friendliness."
"Before coming to NMSMC, my knees hurt just doing daily activities.  I feared they wouldn't support me for telemark skiing and speed skating.  After the physical therapist on staff designed a work out program with specific exercises for me, not only am I able to do both sports, but I'm stronger than I was when i was twenty years old!" Karie Jiesel
"Great place, great experience, keep up the good work."
"You are great at what you do and it makes a person want to continue to get better."
"A very pleasant atmosphere at all times.  You have a very competent staff."
"Everyone was very friendly & helpful."


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