We all like to dip in the water on a warm day to cool off, but what about when it's cold outside with the wind and snow blowing? Would you like to take a dip in a warm water therapy pool?

Did you know you receive great benefits from aquatic therapy or exercise year round?

Aquatic therapy has a number of advantages to enhance your overall health, especially in the winter time.

Benefits of exercising in a pool:

  • Less pressure - When performing an exercise routine in the water, it can aid in decreasing the amount of pressure, or compressive forces, in the overall joints and spine.  Depending on the depth of water, it can have an effect on the overall percentage of pressure.  The deeper your body is submerged in the water, the less pressure overall.  This can be very helpful following surgery, when you need to modify the amount of weight placed over a surgical site.
  • Decreased swelling - The pressure and buoyancy of the water helps remove fluid from an injured area of the body.  Reducing the swelling at a particular body region can help regain strength and motion, which is essential in recovery. 
  • Pain reliever - Water slows and buffers movement, which then decreases the incidence of pain.  Warm water helps decrease muscle spasms, as well.
  • Improved mobility and less difficulty - Water is utilized as support and assists to improve the ease of movements.  It offers a safe and pain-free setting for you to focus on regaining strength and joint range of motion.
  • Faster progress in overall recovery - Aerobic conditioning can often be performed in the water even when it may be too soon or too difficult to do in the gym.   Staying stable in the water challenges your core and balance, and sports-specific activity can begin earlier than it can be allowed on land.
  • It can be fun too! - There are many ways that you can continue to move and stay active all year round.  Why not start somewhere warm, while it's still cold outdoors.

In conclusion, there are a variety of activities that can be performed in the pool and help you keep moving after surgery or even before.  If you feel you may benefit from aquatic therapy or an exercise program, call one of our many office locations for a free consultation.