Cervicogenic Headaches

Headaches are an occasional occurrence for many of us and a part of daily life for some of us. There are several different varieties of headaches; migraine, tension, cluster, and sinus. The images below show where different types of headaches tend to manifest.

headaches 1headaches 2

Image Courtesy of ufhealth.org Image Courtesy of http://mybackpainfacts.wordpress.com/category/headaches/

Cervicogenic headaches (CHA) tend to manifest in the neck, back of the scull, and around the temple area. These types of headaches tend to be very painful and debilitating, and many people deal with them for years. One of the main culprits for this type of headache is irritation of the nerve bundles along the base of the scull. There are several things that can contribute to the development of CHA’s. These can include TMJ problems, poor posture, poor ergonomics at work, and muscle imbalances in the neck and shoulder blades.

Most people are surprised when their doctors send them to physical therapy to treat their headaches. After an evaluation is performed, we use a variety of techniques to address the causes of the pain. These techniques include modalities for pain, muscle re-education exercises, postural strengthening/stretching exercises, and manual therapy and massage techniques to improve joint mobility and muscle flexibility. If you have a desk job, we often visit your workplace to see if we can find some ways to improve the position you are working in.

If you or someone you know has suffering from chronic headaches, call one of our facilities for a free consultation or see your doctor to see if physical therapy is right for you.